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Hello and welcome! If you found your way here you are probably curious what CryptoAMS is and what we do. Lets start with who we are:

Crypto Asset Management Services (CryptoAMS) was founded with the idea of leveling the playing field in the crypto market and allowing anyone, regardless of technical skill, to have access to an autonomous crypto trading bot.

During his pursuit of making the most amount of money possible while he slept, CryptoAMS founder Jon Tuite sought out to learn how to create and manage a autonomous crypto-trading bot. The pursuit led to trying out various trading bots and strategies until he settled on a combination of software that controlled the bot, and prevented it from doing silly things like buying during a market crash.

After going through several iterations and settling on a technology stack to support the bot, Jon reached out to his best friend and DevSecOps specialist, Patrick Bays. Patrick and Jon both used to work together 15 years ago in the video games industry and still spent their nights playing video games with each other. Knowing that Patrick would be the perfect person to build out the cloud infrastructure and they could work well together, they formed CryptoAMS.

With Patrick on board, they went to work and started building out the entire technology stack into a scalable cloud-native environment. What originally took Jon hours to build manually was now able to spin up automatically in a few minutes.

Because both Jon and Patrick are technologist, they chose to use the latest and greatest parts of the cloud to create the entire platform in a matter of months. The platform uses many Amazon AWS services such as EC2, S3, Lambda, RDS, Cognito, and Amplify.

With the platform created, the next step was to create a front-end that could interact with the bot, and allow users to adjust the settings of their bot. To do this, we reached out to another old colleague, Scott Dudley. Scott had worked with us in the video games industry and had experience as both a Solidity developer and as a Web Developer.

Scott was able to help us come up with a web application that integrated with the rest of the tech stack and before you know it, we had a real product.

Now that you know who we are and where we came from, now for what we do: We offer out fully autonomous crypto-trading bot to everyone. Whether you are a crypto-expert that just wants us to host your bot for you so it stays online, or someone that is just getting into crypto for the first time, we are designing our bot for you.

Simplicity is the upmost importance. All other crypto bot sites out there are overwhelming with all the Technical Analysis (TA) indicators they throw at you. They provide an amazing suite of tools and expect you to create your own strategy. That’s great to have all that power, but most people don’t know the first thing about TA. Finding someone that is good at technology, crypto, and TA is a rare skillset.

Otto, our crypto-trading bot, hides a lot of the complex TA and focuses on a basic strategy that provides a modest 1% average daily return on your money. Some days it’s more than 1%, and some days it loses money, but overall it runs at about 1% per day. Not overly aggressive, but definitely better returns than a lot of other options out there.

More to come on Otto and how he works in coming posts…

CryptoAMS hosts cloud-native crypto trading bots as a service. Simply connect our bot, Otto, to your exchange it will automatically trade for you.