Meet Otto

Otto is a cloud-based, fully autonomous crypto-trading bot created and hosted by CryptoAMS. 24 Hours a day, Otto scans a list of over 40 cryptocurrencies for the perfect buying opportunity.

Once identified, Otto will purchase X% of your Total Current Value (TCV) of a cryptocurrency. Otto will then hold on to that cryptocurrency until the right sell opportunity presents itself, then it sells it back into USDT with a profit goal of 1%. Otto repeats this as often as possible throughout the day and usually completes around 50 trades on a good day.


Otto uses USDT as its base currency. Whenever a trade is made, it’s made either to or from USDT. USDT is a cryptocurrency that is pegged to the USD, also called a stablecoin. The reason we use USDT for trading is because crypto-to-crypto trades are inexpensive, but crypto-fiat trades are expensive. Using USDT as a base currency is what allows Otto to be economical to use as a retail trader.

Initial Buy Percent

Let’s look at a simple example of how Otto would work if you deposited $10,000 USDT into your exchange account and gave Otto your API keys to begin trading with. When you set up Otto initially, you will set a value for your Initial Buy Percent, from 1–5. 5% is an aggressive strategy that will make Otto start to purchase cryptocurrencies (called bags) in increments of $500 USDT (or 5% of 10k). Otto will be able to purchase up to 20 bags at an initial buy of 5%. Lowering this initial value will be a more conservative strategy that allows Otto to purchase more bags, at a lower rate. As a CryptoAMS customer, you have full control over Otto’s buy percent and which coins it looks at.

Auto-Compounding Effect

As Otto makes trades throughout the day, it will increase your Total Current Value (TCV) and Otto’s trades will get bigger and bigger over time. This will create an auto-compounding effect for your money. If Otto trades at 1% per day compounding, your balance will start to increase quickly if left in the account. Taking periodic profits from Otto through USDT withdrawals from your exchange account is a best practice so you can reap the benefits of the profits made.


For every purchase and sale of a coin, your exchange will typically charge you a commission fee. Since we are trading crypto-to-crypto the fees are pretty small. For example, a typical account on Binance will pay about .1% of the total amount purchased. In our example from above, it would cost about $0.05 to make a buy and a sell, or $0.10 for the full trade. If Otto was able to hit his target of 1% for the trade, that would be about $5 profit minus the commission with a net profit of $4.90.

Otto only charges for profit. If Otto makes a trade that nets in a loss or net even, we won’t charge you for the trade. The exchange still takes their commission, but we won’t. This incentivizes us as the developers of Otto to keep trades in profit!

If Otto does make a trade that nets you a profit, Otto will charge you a commission fee based on how much profit was made. We will have a sliding scale of commission fees depending upon your balance within your exchange account. Accounts with larger balances will have less bot commission fees than accounts with smaller balances.

In our example from above, we would multiply your variable bot commission fee by your profit. If your bot commission fee was 10% then the cost to make the trade from above would be $0.49 with a net profit to you of $4.41.

This may not sound like a lot, but when you do this 24 hours a day, every day, it really starts to add up quickly. If Otto repeated this trade 50 times in a day that would net you $220. If Otto did that trade for an entire week, that’s over $1,500 net profit! Market conditions may not allow for a solid week of performance like that, but it’s definitely possible during a market bull run.


Otto has a very unique way of billing for commission. We don’t have permission to withdraw any money from your exchange account, so we are going to bill separately, outside of the exchange. How? Come back for the next article to find out!



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CryptoAMS hosts cloud-native crypto trading bots as a service. Simply connect our bot, Otto, to your exchange it will automatically trade for you.